How could the police track Robert Langdon and Sophie? What password opened the second cryptex? Under what is the Holy Grail buried? What is the Vitruvian man? In what way is Sophie related to Jacques Saunière? Rémy Legaludec is what? Dan Brown is of what nationality? Who is captain in the French police? Who is known as The Teacher? Silas is the name of what? What is the Holy Grail? What apostle in Da Vinciʼs "The Last Supper" is said to be Mary Magdalene? What Grand Master was murdered in the novel? What historical figure plays a major part in the novel? What year was the novel published? What is the profession of leading male character? What is the location of the first crime scene? The novel starts in what city? What is the name of the leading female character? What is the name of the leading male character?

Test, Quiz and Trivia

A friendlytest is mainly a divice to help you learn, memorize and recollect things. But it can also be used as a quiz or a trivia type of game.